Cat1-A3 Truth in Action

Deepening the thesis of this chapter category on Truth in Action:

The Truth in Action category should be a developed catalog of descriptive events that compare denominational-church constructions. The events are derived from different main category and field-level-catgrid constructions in each denominational-church construct. These events are drawn from the organization of multi field-level-catgrid statements that define and form the structure of the main category. This brings about a relationship to the other cooperating main categories under construction that form a proposed denominational-church consideration.

Note: For practical use of a communication standard the New Testament and supporting Old Testament documentation is preferred.

Note: Additional support from direct exacting Old Testament passages can be added when initial constructions have been formed from New Testament

The resultant understanding in the construction with the multi field-level-catgrids within each of seven main categories should show a relationship with other individual denominational-church constructions. Ultimately the constructions used within the seven main category structural elements should reveal deepened understanding of different approaches to New Testament life within the entire church. This can be a self contained denominational or entire church perspective.

Communication of knowledge in the accumulated multi field-level-catgrids within the seven main categorical combinations in a denominational-church comparison in “Truth in Action” section creates a descriptive interaction. This interaction between main categories within a denominational-church(s) is termed as "a line of descriptive activity."