Cat1-A4 Truth in Action Notes:

Note: The constructions that make up a denominational-church consideration should always have as a resultant further understanding of the relative constructions in other individual participant approaches to comparing denominational-church constructions.

Note: The construction of New Testament written word knowledge, its understanding and use is for potential active Holy Spirit direction within each denominational-church abiding with entire church.

Note: I believe this investment in knowledge should direct us personally and corporately toward completion of our purposes as we seek approval from the Trinity. I believe that upon first acceptance of Jesus Christ as savoir and the infilling of the Holy Spirit we begin a developmental process that involves us at many different aspects within a denominational-church inclusive of our personal relationship with the Trinity. It should be obvious that a good part of this project involves a portrayal of this process using the written Word as guide.

It is important to me that the act of faith in accepting Jesus as our savior is the first step in furthering our continued relationship with the Trinity.

This act is the cornerstone of faith and belief in eternal life. The act of faith as in any part of a categorical understanding would be portrayed as descriptive activity within that field-level-catgrid category construct and its relationship to a denominational church.

I accept faith and grace and its intertwined involvement with truth even when dealing with dry category subjects more structurally orientated with denominational considerations than subjects that are more directly categorized as a salvation or personal category.