Cat1-A2 Publisher Disclaimer for Project

  • From Publisher: The author’s random annotation is meant to interject important insight to project’s overall conclusions in its organizational science; and the developed understanding will yield access to resultants that are believed to also be pertinent to the current category under examination. Try thinking of this study as a concordance that effectively relates its constructive elements. When you see indented information realize it is the author’s commentary on those related issues in that category or coordinating organizational science.

  • Intent of the terms Observation and Note:To simplify the use of this format the Observations will pertain to system considerations such as SAM or ADVAD. The Notation will be in regard to the category theological considerations that are developing as a result of a study.


To any extent these annotations provided by author are acknowledged to be as a result of the ennoblement provided to author by the impressions of the Holy Spirit. The author believes that the real accomplishment for this project is in the personal use of the constructions by other participants. Thus the observations and notes by this author are as an aid in clarifying and assisting in general system construction and developing the participant categorical findings.


Restated the varied annotations are the author’s distillations of findings derived from systematic use of project’s organizational science and combined categorical tendencies. These annotations form a significant contribution to the body of the project commentary in this and the other categories. These annotations deepen the thesis taken on each category.


Please realize that these distilled explanations are presented as abstracted from the scientific organization of information; as the conclusions presented in the observations and notations are solely the authors as prescribed. Accordingly the science in obtaining the results are specific to the author and may not be exactly the same as other participants; Thus the far greater importance of the Bible is not disturbed while the abstracted annotations can place the author in a self-prescribed position that removes his personal beliefs from interfering with other independent participant use of SAM and ADVAD.


Importantly, the orientation to the organizational system observations and notated categorical construction is based in the current category being explored.


Even though the SAM device is important in bringing about clarity of the project purpose, it is not the initial cause for project. That cause would be the defense of the written Word; and importantly the Holy Spirit’s direction to author to formalize the use of the Word as presented in this project.