ADVAD / SAM Project:  WARNING: This is a conservative fundamental Christian project based directly in the study of the New Testament Bible.  It uses a Systematic Analysis Model (SAM) to structure biblical information into Categories that are constructed via biblical passages filtered through a FOG Scoresheet (Framework for Outline Guide) that as a result create a concordance for denominational examination in each SAM category. 




ADVAD / SAM: Letter by Author describes motivating factors in developing ADVAD / SAM and compendium FOG ScoreSheet for the project.



Preface to ADVAD / SAM:  Author describes the use of two visual aid devices in depicting organizational and relational values of SAM categories.


ADVAD / SAM PROJECT:  Author describes the suggested directions to develop relational values depicted in Advantages in Visual Aid Device (ADVAD) / SAM's compendium Framework for Outline Guide (FOG).


Questions and Commentary on ADVAD / SAM Project


Questions and Commentary on Categories section of ADVAD / SAM Project



FOG ScoreSheet:  Author describes SAM's use of compendium FOG within the ADVAD / SAM Project.


Questions and Commentary on FOG ScoreSheet in ADVAD / SAM Project