Cat2-X2: JESP Denominational - Church

New Testament studies show that we should seek direction in the Holy Spirit and by faith in our walk with God grow to further gifts in grace from the Trinity. It is hoped that a strong denominational structure will provide order and stability in social-personal relationships as they develop gifts in grace to use in service to the Trinity.

Technical terminology in a definitive concordance should be use to (one) discover and communicate the development of the process in the study of the passages; (two) organize findings; (three) orientate on the next step in growth. These three processes are a by-product of SAM project research when actually applying the discovered principles. The realization of the learning process helps to more rapidly communicate the conclusions in a conceptual format. Thus allowing review and reorganization of attributes from other studies. It is hoped that the SAM device once fully understood will help create for a more concise understanding of a study relational values with other category studies. A concise subject construction helps draw together a descriptive line of active communications between subjects and categories.

Hopefully effective communications result with each developing subject.

Denominational-Churches and individuals seeking the Holy Spirit ask for help from the Trinity in decision-making process. The confidence of team-individual purpose and trust in the involvement with the Holy Spirit may be enhanced by the knowledge obtained in use of the New Testament by categorical organization tools in SAM model.