Cat2-Y2: Conclusion JESP Denominational - Church Concluding Observations

In Conclusion of Denominational-Church Category: The purpose in this category is for acknowledging denominational-church needs in the entire church bride purpose for completing the Trinity’s will. These values are depicted with New Testament passages. They structure insights into the Trinity’s purpose relative to an organization of denominational-church information.

Observation: The author believes that this can be understood more easily by use of seven categories in SAM / ADVAD.

Observation: It is hoped that the Holy Spirit’s will be recognized as apart of this study; and that the denominational studies will guide social and personal functions within that structure to work out salvation-sanctification-perfection in completing its purposes in the entire church bride.

It is the author’s opinion: The best use of liberties is in adherence to Biblically conservative fundamental principals directed by Trinity. These liberties are obtained by Trinity’s gift in grace subject to seeking the will of the Trinity.