Cat2-W2: JESP Notes

Note: Christian individual activity is primarily dedicated to its particular ministries in that denominational-church. The result of this fellowship is the denominational-church and entire church effort.

Note: There is the important question on individual responsibility in salvation sequence while in communication with personal-social development with other Christians. It is very important for individual development to follow in the will of the Trinity. Coincidently it is equally important to have sensitivity for other Christian individual development and gift placement for use in a denominational-church.

Very Important: It is important that the leadership of a denominational-church take responsibility for its actions. It is important that the corporate use of that denomination’s resources be put to use in a manner prayerfully seeking the will of the Trinity. The consequence in not seeking or only half-heartedly applying the directions received is of great consequence. The lack of the leadership and courage in acting upon the leadings of the Holy Spirit will places stumbling blocks before the congregation.