Cat2-N2 JESP Note & Observation

Note: This posture seeks to assist in the completion of the over riding goals of completion of each denominational-church wide personal and social participation in the sanctification-perfection-salvation process while working toward completion of Great Commission.

Observation: Improved knowledge and growth with a study may continue to reprove, add finites and draw together to a fine state of agreement otherwise difficult topics. This increased dimension in communications are with respect to relational values on the exacting point for point placement the four JESP examples should make in SAM.

Observation: The increased communication should not be dedicated to debate on any yet to be studied subject (the quality of an unprepared subject or non focused study subject) outside point for point construction in current study in SAM. Point for point construction is important at drawing together relative values with their confirmation by the other cooperating points. This drawing together of relational values clarify questions that until resolved may otherwise insist on a competing value.