Cat2-O2: JESP Denominational - Church

This drawing together of relational values in information is important to insightful descriptive activity in effective communications of New Testament knowledge. The study of the Bible and the leadings of Holy Spirit in our growth are important to our personal salvation-perfection-sanctification sequencing and coinciding completion of Great Commission within entire church purpose.

It is important to recognize the category of combinations in business of truths in reference to development of comparative studies on denominational-churches. A resultant of denominational studies can be tabulated in the combination of Truth in Action category as a completed study project. This tabulation can emphasize a specialized nature of one of the seven sub-categories within a denominational-church and its relationship to the combination of Truth in Action main category. But to reiterate a theme, the denominational-church can do its everyday business in concert with other churches and in essence stand by itself as well.

In the four examples (JESP) will be relating to the seven categories as they construct. Also the (JESP) denominational tabulations placed in the combination in business with truths category may give a more clear insight to the concept of the entire church bride.