Cat2-Q2: JESP Denominational - Church

Obviously, the four examples should make a construction that is directed toward understanding New Testament word. It is however also important for full SAM use that the constructions relate to their basic thesis and relational values. If each relate to SPLS concepts and the remaining seven categories as the constructions develop within each example (JESP), then the accumulated insight should prove the example denominational-church construct.

The four examples (JESP) presented are:

(1) Topic of Holy Spirit in New Testament that reveal the personal relationship to Trinity,

(2) The nature of the social function of church as it relates to Trinity,

(3) God’s Law to us manifested in Jesus Christ, New Testament and Old Testament word,

(4) Jesus Christ and salvation in the New Testament.

The four examples mentioned should eventually develop and depict a relationship with the seven categories. This will be come more obvious as they develop vertical constructions as denominational-church structures within SAM. These comparisons within the business in truth category should enrich an understanding of the entire church. The accumulated process should strengthen the importance of each construct in the active descriptive process of relational values in each denominational-church construct.