Cat2-R2: JESP Denominational - Church

Please do beginning constructions: Do constructions on these four points of interest to depict the construction and relational values.

In further development of JESP denominational-church constructions, the project attempts point for point understanding of related information in each seven categories as it applies to the foundation and structure of a particular study of PSLS denominational-church interests. The SAM structured approach to communication is important in our ability to focus on social-personal responsibility in our individual denominational-church and entire church.

In clear communications there is the hope of more effective education and application of our training in all concepts. But if empowerment comes from doing the things God has before us, then the completion of the church and its purposes is important to that process. If we are thinking of the church and ourselves at the same time, the concepts of perfection-sanctification and completion of Great Commission should be evident. In understanding our personal-social responsibilities to the entire church, there is hope that we will lessen the hindrance of sin in our progress to meet out the Trinity’s goals.

Further use of: The SAM orientation on construction of four example JESP New Testament statements will create additional responsibilities as additional truths are revealed.