Preface A2: cont. ADVAD Preface


The New Testament is the foundation upon which we will build this understanding and ability to communicate.  To bring together all the parts of the entire church expressed in New Testament into a relational system as a means to expound upon the conclusions of project thesis seems far-fetched;  It is however only when these ideas are developed fully that clarity in the line of descriptive activity of the stronger conclusions become available.


The author thus proposes that it is absolutely important to thoroughly form a focus on any discovered relational responsibility.  This perspective should be developed strictly from within our New Testament as a communication standard. The written Word is then the basis for accurately communicating the discovered relational values. 


(To the experienced believer, the author does propose that it should be obvious that the Holy Spirit can additionally help greatly in the organization and use of the developed ideas into a study concept form that has substantial meaning.)


The author again recognizes the New Testament and uses Old Testament for supporting documentation.  Again emphasis is placed on the Trinity as the source of the written Word form known as the Bible; however the Holy Spirit can again be sought for guidance in illuminating further the very specific interests that we have in our ministry with God as structured and/or discovered in the written form.  The author can not underscore or emphasize enough the importance of the Bible!


The aspiration the author has is that these categorical written word relationships can be communicated to our fellow Christians; and in doing so mankind does fully discover the gifts in wondrous power of grace and love from God because of faith in Jesus Christ.


It is because of Christ's life and message of salvation to mankind that created the interest in the author to develop an effective method of communicating a basic and developed understanding of this process; and upon understanding the idea of Salvation to encourage grappling with the importance of completing His purposes for the entire Church.


If the direction of this project is to enhance the pursuit of meeting His goals and communicating effectively His purpose in us as Christians; then an attribute of the project should be to also make resolute our simultaneous communicating of the success of this endeavor to the broadest spectrum of His church and world community.