Preface A1: ADVAD

Preface to Systematic Analysis Model (SAM);
and the related 
Visual Aid Devices:
(ADVAD) Advantages of a Visual Aid Device as related repository for completed SAM constructions;
supported by
(FOG) Framework for Outline Guide ScoreSheets

The publisher hopes that you will enjoy the construction of ideas that come together.  Each Category (CAT) in the accompanying commentary in this project relates to the Systematic Analysis Model (SAM) with ADVAD "structural or category" constructions and supporting FOG ScoreSheet tabulations in project.

Each researcher should rely greatly on the work of the many fine minds that have contributed to biblical research. You will need the assistance of them in the future.  As this project is not so much about new ideas as it is the discovery of ideas in relation to each other.  This approach may be very different for some of you. I hope for those open to new ideas that these constructions make a profound difference for you.  Some may scoff at the presumed sophistry of the premises; but you can be assured that the great bible researchers in years past used tools to order their thinking.

For ultimately the use of knowledge and the empowerment of its use comes from the Trinity.  The computerization of the Bible teachings can illuminate concisely the premise for this project; or conversely if used inappropriately will only create more contrast to this project’s conclusion.

The SAM comparison and development is constructed in relation to each participating commentary category.  And each of the commentary’s 10 categories is developed to relate the information to the SAM model for standardizing the communication.  Each category in this commentary and SAM structure as a result of ADVAD and FOG constructions have the effect of an integral or support role in the development of an understanding within the different interests of the Christian church; and it is hoped that these conclusions will be further supported by the constructions in SAM by additional researchers.

This universal concept of the whole church is important as an overlay in understanding individual spiritual development and the relationship to social responsibilities for the whole church and coinsiding denominational-church interests.  Hopefully this project will create appreciation of work the Trinity revealed from the Bible and reflected throughout each category reviewed in this project as a part of the church.