Cat1-A6 Truth in Action Notes & Observation

Note: As we process information our responsibilities become evident. Our participation in salvation yields a desire to serve and the Trinity’s sanctification-perfection of us has a byproduct in our contribution to completion of the Great Commission. To some extent I believe that our participation with Him is an essential ingredient to completing God’s time table. I cannot comment further; but this source of pleasure He derives in our worship and service to Him seems in itself a reasonable thing to expect.

Observation: Christians should enjoy using a biblical foundation to draw near to the Trinity’s directions for them personally and in social interaction. The communication standard given to us by the Holy Spirit as represented to us in the Bible should be used as tool to unite this common understanding of the denominational-church as it relates to entire church. The ADVAD organizational tool should assist in accumulating the data to draw up your conclusions.

Note: Christians are directed to go and serve in participation with the process the Trinity has for them in perfecting the entire church. This process involves each Christian in seeking the Trinity from first reception in the free gift in grace thru strengthened personal-salvation and social-denominational orientation to His salvation-sanctification-perfection process in completing the Great Commission.