Cat1-A11 Truth in Action:

There are orderings with verses, paragraphs and chapters in the New Testament with regard to these seven main categories. These New Testament orderings should provide without a difficult sense ease in following the logic in the New Testament word pertaining to combinations in concepts of business of truths in entire church bride, concepts in denominational-churches, salvation, social, personal-spiritual, law of the New Testament word, organization and construction for use of verses.

The category studies should reveal a basic structuring into a more immediate insight of the possibilities remaining for New Testament life in fulfilling His purposes; and clearly defined understanding of knowledge in New Testament descriptive activities should make for an opportunity to grow and yield additional confidence in service to Him while seeking the Holy Spirit.

It is with interest that each category has the quality of being able to stand set apart from another category while simultaneously depending upon, lending to, and borrowing from any of the remaining categories.