Cat1-A14 Truth in Action: Observations and Notes

Observation: To reaffirm: The more simplistic and very personal aspects of these categorical concepts are probably most aptly presented at the social, personal-spiritual, and salvation sequence categories of this project. The understanding must be real and personal to the individual participant.

The Truth in Action Category in conjunction with Denominational-Church category forms an understanding of the cooperative role that each denominational-church shares with entire church.

Note: The denominational-church forms the structure for the actual life blood of the church in which a personal relationship in conjunction with others seeks to serve God. The entire church bride is represented in the Truth in Actions category as a polling of the denominational churches to act in concert and service to each other to meet out the Trinities purposes.

Observation: The short form code process in structuring contiguous word concepts in alpha-numerical ordering and associated functions by multicolored representative numbers and letters within SAM model is an attempt at a visual aid devise for strengthening New Testament knowledge of word and Holy Spirit while yielding a basis for growth toward effective communication.

Note: An orderly use with the New Testament and if desired direct exacting support from Old Testament in use with SAM model makes for increased insight into the teachings.