Cat2-F2: Notes

Note: It is important to understand that your personal development with this project may be somewhat different than your current background influences; and as a result it may reflect a personal preference for a study development. It is suggested that the constructions of ideas should help in understanding these differences as they refer to the individual participant. Ultimately it is the participant’s involvement in a walk with the Holy Spirit that will relate the important aspects of this study to the individual and his or her God given purpose within a life mission.

Note: If not cautious in your constructions you may find that you error in thinking that the purpose God has for you some how means for everyone. That is not at all true. We are all different as we apply principles learned in our relationship to Holy Spirit to life issues.

Note: Undeniable similarities in biblical passages stand on there own. But in God directed application in them to us the effect varies the relative value in our life mission within the denominational-church. To consider this individual aspect will require a deep soul searching of the needs of the denomination-church construct and the individual participation in it.

Note: I earnestly believe that there are different nuisances in the many different types of denominational-churches. Each serve a certain ministry focus in service to God; and I do think the attraction that these denominational-churches offer attract spiritual personality types most suited for them. Often we grow from where we were first brought into the faith. That originating orientation is a starting point in matching up our spiritual personal inventory with appropriate ministry opportunities most suited for participating in a denominational-church construct.