Cat2-K2: JESP Suggested Project Constructions of Denominational-Church Ideas

Suggested Project Research Constructions of Denominational-Church Ideas
  • Develop four concepts as suggested. These denominational-church construction subjects will give insight to four of the categories in relational values and denominational lifelines.
The New Testament books of “John, Ephesians, St. Peter and Philippians,” (refer to concordance in this project for additional suggestions) with relational support from New Testament make statements about basic denominational-church structures in regard to that particular type of denominational-church and the entire church purpose. These statements can be developed to depict a denomination and its type of church within the entire church. This project will hopefully illuminate attributes of four categories as separate denominational-church considerations.

These basic passages from New Testament are important to form the beginning structure in a denominational-church and cause insight on how the social, personal-spiritual, law of the word and salvation sequences categories interact.

Conversely, better personal-social category understanding of a denominational formation and lifeline may provide insight on how to respond to its foundational premises and teachings.

But most importantly SAM should help support and give encouragement to seeking the will of the Trinity in any type of denominational-church system.

These previously listed New Testament statements “JESP / PSLS Functions” were chosen because they provide denominational structures for reference in developing active descriptive communications with Personal, Social, Law of the word and Salvation sequence categories that are formative to a denominational-church perspective.

There are many other statements that are listed in the concordance, computer data base and verse card files in this project that begin to order insight in denominational-church formation based on New Testament word.

The previously listed JESP passages in this denominational-church category infer a thesis statement for denominational formations needed in this project for future reference to the seven categorical considerations. The four JESP examples should structure a basis for denominational formations that give starting points to see their respective construction.

The four JESP examples when constructed should eventually depict pertinent points in relational value with each other at the seven categories withdrawn from the New Testament. The developing rationale displays movement (descriptive activity) in growth from their foundational basis. This developing basis provides insight to a denominational-church system in which to understand, continue to grow, and communicate with other denominational churches within the entire church.