Cat2-S2: JESP Obervation & Notes

It is the author’s opinion: On going studies may reveal a need to complete and initiate new training exercises for lifetime work opportunities. As a result the realization of the varied constructions may make indication of many spiritual developments not yet realized.

It is important to note: Please be aware of selfish obtainment and misuse of gifts and/or knowledge in the Holy Spirit. A purpose in furthering these project foundational studies is directed toward harmonious response in achieving Christian goals. The idea of a team concept developed in this overall project is to avoid partiality and scriptural interpretation that is tangential to accumulative studies that progress entire church to completion. The gifts that you have been given are from God. Please use them wisely in building up the Kingdom. The gifts that you have received assist you in meeting the goals and responsibilities directed to each Christian person by the Trinity. Achievement of your goals (gifted direction received from the Trinity’s grace) should be in response to complete dedication to God’s will for you.

Note: The righteous Christian attitude should be dedicated to doing God’s will in completing the church. This dedication to entire church and to denominational-church by each Christian does include the high standards of Christian living.