Salvation Subject


Category 3

Salvation Subject:

The attribute of faith upon which grace intercedes at each point of personal involvement with the Trinity in directing a lifelong consequence of service to personal, social and denominational-church health.

Salvation Subject:  The salvation category experience involves the personal and social categories in concert within an example denominational-church.  Personal-social verse passages help develop understanding of considerations for a process in the concept of salvation.  There is a sequence of events in a line of descriptive activity that depicts this process in the Salvation category of the project.


Note:  The effect of faith in the individual by acceptance of the free gift in grace from the Trinity forms a basis for maturation that involves the individual in the entire church experience.  This maturation reveals a sequence of events or processes in the individual involvement with the Holy Spiritual experience.


Observation:  The active line of description found in the resultants of a salvation category construction and its related aspects of faith and grace create an understanding and faith related responsibility to each area of the church.  This can be depicted by an example constructed in ADVAD / SAM project.  


Note:  The author uses the New Testament as a communication standard.  This is defined as a Conservative Fundamental approach to word concept usage.  As he believes it is important to form the basis of thinking about the New Testament by adhering to its written word constructions to develop an understandable, acceptable and effectively communicated system of thought. 


Note: The initial salvation experience via the simple act of faith in Christ is at first a reception of this free gift in grace from the Trinity.   The maturation of the Christian is a development involving faith and grace in the use of and reception of differing gifts, ministries and individual responsibilities to a life long avocation of working out individual sanctification-perfection.  This is a relational process that is directed by the Holy Spirit in each individuals walk of faith.  (Observation:  In the ADVAD / SAM project it is depicted as a relationship of the individual in each of the categories in the entire church process.)

Simply put: At this category we compare concepts on salvation process in a category construction. The results should tie aspects of faith and grace related values to personal cooperation with the Trinity and form a personal process in service to up building the church.