Cat3-E3: Salvation Subject Notes and Observation

Note: The free gift in grace from the Trinity starts a salvation process with a Christian in a New Testament denominational-church. We seek as individuals and corporately as a denominational-church to grow in “sanctification-perfection” in completing God’s purpose for us. In understanding and participating in our denominational-church, we are seeking to complete its purpose and to be prepared with the entire church for the second coming of Christ Jesus. This is an advocacy to be responsible to God in that the gift of life is given because of belief in Christ Jesus. This advocacy involves spiritual acts of faith in concert with tangible works of ministry.

Observation: Clarification of salvation category with New Testament verses, passages and chapters within the salvation subject category is for drawing together salvation orientated New Testament elements from all seven categories.

Note: The reception of free gift of grace begins a relationship with God. He brings about completion of His purposes in us as we walk with Him. The continuing status of righteousness that we receive as we walk with God would be most aptly be associated as His “perfection-sanctification” in us. The drawing together of related concepts in salvation subject in New Testament knowledge is for strengthening our communications with each other and understanding the design for each of us in the Trinity as we grow in community.

Note: Personal and corporate growth is based in faith. Faith is strengthened as confidence in His grace encourages our walking with a Holy Spirited life. This spiritual life is possible when we seek and respond and yield fully to the Trinity’s will for our lives.

Note: Conservative fundamental New Testament methods in construction indicate salvation procedures speak to a life style issue and dedication to perseverance in applying those principles after first receiving the Trinity’s free gift of grace.