Cat3-3G: Salvation Subject Notes


Note: The salvation subject category can also be looked at individually as for many new believers the cornerstone of faith is a simple commitment to Christ. It would be accurate to think that the simple act of faith and its proponent involvement in the community of the church would suffice in satisfying the issues of participation in the process of salvation as it relates to denominational-church and entire church.

Note: A resultant in developed salvation subject is the obtainment of liberties of gifts in grace that are in direct exacting respect to the New Testament word. It is necessary to use our increased skills in these additionally gifted areas for assisting in the progress toward sanctification-perfection individually and in assistance to completing His purposes for the entire church bride. We receive these gifts in grace individually for dynamic use personally and socially in service to the Trinity.

Note: At first reception in the free gift in grace given by the Trinity, the concept that continually is brought forth is the idea of continuous involvement directed by the Trinity. This concept is important to understanding effective communications of our responsibilities in relation to our involvement within the process of the other categories.