Cat3-3J: Salvation Subject Concluding Notes

Note: Author does not think this unusual: Individuals may achieve sanctification by the Trinity before the entire church reaches completion. There are also indicated areas of development that individuals can go beyond sanctification in growth. These additional areas are probably not requirements for the entire church for the second return of Christ. These additional areas are gifts in grace to those individuals based upon their desire to follow the will of the Holy Spirit with the Trinity. These areas appear to include highly developed gifts of wisdom and knowledge that are imputed as result of living righteously. These gifts may be more expansive in detail than noted here.

Note: Author does not think this unusual: There is the unique concept of having dynamic extraordinary qualities similar (by example) to what might be an agent or angel sent from heaven within an extra spiritual person. Some would safely call this a special gifting. This could be described as an additional outgrowth of our spiritual life.

These ideas would make sense if we think of obtaining the qualities of 'sons and daughters' of God in the fully developed sense of the concept as a statement of possibility in dynamic use of the ministry of gifts in grace. The gifts are given by His grace and supported by the promptings of the Trinity. When we carefully seek a continual development in the will of God in our relationship with the Trinity we open ourselves up to potential that is unlimited.